The author of Turn Your Passion into Profit presents


This book addresses these and other important concerns:

"How will I survive if these pandemic restrictions continue indefinitely?"

"What kind of income strategy can I start that can survive this and similar paradigms?"

"What new skills will I need in order to survive?"

"How should I restructure my existing business in light of physical distancing, travel restrictions, self-isolation and quarantine?"

"Can the capitalist paradigm survive the Corona paradigm?"

Welcome to the Age of The Pandemicpreneur!

No matter what type of entrepreneur you were before the pandemic of 2020, (i.e. passionpreneur, nomadpreneur, vagabondpreneur, hip hop entrepreneur, etc.,) the reality is that you, along with just about everyone else on the planet have become a "pandemicpreneur."
This new identity comes with its own unique set of challenges, expectations, downsides as well as benefits. It requires new ways of thinking and acting, new ways of doing business and new ways of generating income.
For many new pandemicpreneurs, the transition has been relatively easy. If you've run your home-based or laptop-based business for any length of time prior to the pandemic, for instance, then the concepts and logistics involved in adjusting to physical distancing, self-isolation, working remotely and accomplishing most of your tasks online may be old habit by now. For others, however, a period of transition may be required.

The Pandemicpreneur: How to start or CONTINUE Making Money Doing What You Love, generate multiple income streams, remotely, from home...Even During a Pandemic!

This book, by Walt F.J. Goodridge, author of Turn Your Passion into Profit as well as How to Become a Nomadpreneur, may be just what you need to help with the transition!

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Scheduled for publication January 2022!

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